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Sunday, February 7, 2016

February Updates :)))

I am really sorry for not updating everytime I probably do it monthly things are getting busy lately
-I am still at Dasmarinas 1st Ward
-I am now training Elder Hingano
-A lot of Success in work :)))
-We decided to cook pilipino and american food alternately

me and Elder Hingano

Mcdonalds kabahay day out

Pakbet battle day :)) visaya version vs ilokano version

Adjusting in missionary life poor baby

who's tired?

Loco Moco

Mango float :))

Makoy is getting skinnier (Pogi)


Hawaiian Haystack :)

Makoy at Missionary Primary activity

Missionary Bank

Primary :)))

Our young investigators

Buddle Fight!! Priesthood Activity

Happy Missionary :))