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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My Sister's Approval

I have 3 siblings 2girls and 1 boy. And I am really close to my youngest sister her name is Zyneah Leigh. She is turning 5 this October and she is so jolly, energitic and talkative hahaha. I love her so much and the others too, I love my family <3. Okay the story begins with a conversation:

Me and my sister Zyneah
One day while I am thinking about what are the things I gonna miss when I go to my mission, my sister go to my room and ask me to buy some food because she is hungry :3, so we bought food and then eat while we are eating I remembered that I haven't tell her about leaving and going on a mission. So told her "Baby, pupunta si kuya sa mission gusto mo?" and she replied "Ayaw ko" and I ask why? she said "Gusto ko may kuya ako ayaw kong aalis ka" and I replied "Meron naman si kuya Xyrus at si ate Aila" and she replied "Gusto ko ikaw, ikaw yung love ko", my heart aches and I don't know what to say but I finally said "2 years lang yun baby at gusto ni Jesus yun, dalawang birthday mo lang yun tapos andito na ako ulit", and then she replied "Sige, basta bibilhan mo ako ng pasalubong", she smiled. I hug her tight, Oh men I gonna miss this kid, I will miss her hugs, her kisses, her compliment and comments about my clothes and her habit that telling me that I am handsome, I LOVE HER SO MUCH =D this is one of the things that I will miss.

My Sister and there Nutrtion Month activity
This past week, we celebrated Nutrition Month =D I had alot of fun first we attended San Vicente Elementary School's Program, my lil sister's school. They had a contest they will color some pictures of fruits and veggies, the most attractive color wins. Even though my sister loses it fine she did her best and it is funny that the color of her guavas is orange and then, they sang "Bahay Kubo". After that we attended Padapada High School's Nutrition Month Celebration. It is fun I enjoyed the dance numbers and the pageant =D.

Me at the Padapada High School
Last Saturday we had new young men, Mark and Michael they were so attentive and funny =D even though they were still adjusting with the new environment we had many memories with them and the youth. We are now preparing in our choir festival, we will sing "Did you think to pray - tagalog version" and "Habang may buhay". Hope we will win and that is next week :). This Saturday is Semenarian's Super Saturday =D Im so exciting, GOOD LUCK GUYS, Im rooting for our Ward.

Oh its hard to wait for my call, there are many thoughts about what will gonna happen in my mission, it is even harder than applying XD  but its all worth it I know Heavenly Father knew what is the best and right for me. I would like to share to you my favorite quote "God has His time table never too late, never too early, He has His perfect timing but, you need alot of patience and alot of faith". Thanks for reading guys God bless you

Me and my Sister Aila
My Sister Zyneah and her crush Chris Dave
Me and my sister Zyneah
San Vicente Elementary School's Students

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