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Friday, July 10, 2015

Aguinaldo Shrine Visit

                   This week we visit Aguinaldo Shrine for our companionship activity!! I really love the place, the history behind the house and the artifacts in the museum. Me and my companions enjoyed the trip!! We went to the highest part of the house which is the "WATCHTOWER" we are amaze by the view and the story of that house. I am grateful that we have a tour guide that volunteered to know those wonderful things. 
               Me and my companions in our area, focus on finding people this week and find those people that Heavenly Father prepares for us, I am really grateful and happy to meet a lot of people with different attitude and how they react when we start talking to them. But the most precious moment that happen is when we found those people that are prepared, being an instrument of the Lord is a privilege to help them answer the question to their souls and help them receive the restored Gospel help their family to be together again.

Philippine Flag

Watch Tower

Watch Tower

Watch Tower

Watch Tower

Aguinaldo's Balcony

Picture with our great Tour Guide

Aguinaldo's Tomb

Aguinaldo Shrine's Back View

Our Artist investigator with his painting

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