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Friday, July 17, 2015

In some point, Wrong Person will lead you to the Right Person

           This week I learn this wonderful lesson in my mission. Sometime the person that we meet is not the person that the Lord prepares for us, even though the Lord wants us to teach them, but that person is the right person that will lead us to those who are prepared to received the Gospel. Almost half of our investigators that we are focusing right now are found by that process. One of them is the painter guy, Brother Anton first we found his son that had been taught by the missionaries before and when we got back he is not there and not said that not interested anymore but the person who talked to us is his father who is the painter guy and we invite him to listen and he accepted it and now he is reading the Book of Mormon and he is very very interested to our message.
             Another one is one of our investigators son, We know that the Mom is not interested but her daughter really want to listen but she is too young to decide and, one time we went there and the Mom said she is busy or something then her son is outside and we invite him to listen to us and it was a really good lesson. I really love being the Lord's hand in His work. 
            This week Munoz and Ibgan family have a surprise post birthday celebration last Saturday after our preparation day. I am so happy that I am being loved in my area. They prepare a cake, bunurong kamatis w/ salted egg and Bicol Express. I love them and I am grateful to be part of their life and my life
            By the way Roy is back!!!! Wootwoot!!! 

Cake Eaters

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Cake for me!!

With the Ibgan Twins

Slicing the Cake

Ibgan Twins and Munoz Siblings


Elder Ramos from Cabanatuan

Selfie -_-

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