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Friday, August 14, 2015

Finding People in Molino, Cavite

  This week is a cool week, Sorry I didn't email last week. We have been chastised by our mission president because we are low in new investigators, so we try to find people this week and guess what we already had 10 as of today and we will find more.
                  But of course it is not about the numbers we also had really cool and spiritual experiences like two of those we found are Retired Navy, it is really nice to talk to them and know their experiences and it is cool too that they know something about the Church and missionaries but we are the first one who taught them. One of their questions is why Joseph Smith had multiple wives and we responded and teach about families they understood about it and accept it as an answer to their question. It is really powerful to teach about families and how important it is to God and God ordained families. 
                 We had is experience to that we taught in a sewing shop that we try to go and ask how much is to fix a pant and we start to OYM them and ask if we can teach them and they said Yes we can, and the owner of the shop stop the workers that were sewing and said okay listened to the Missionaries, it is really cool it is like teaching in a multitude but they are 5 people out there with their sewing machines. 
                And the others are cousins of or nephew of the members that staying in a member's house it is nice because they have that instant support from their relatives. 
               Yesterday we also taught this RM and former Church Leader which is a less-active right now, He still have that testimony and will but he just really can't because he need to work for the sake of his kids, 4 of them are in college
              I am really grateful that I am the Lord's Instrument for them, I really love knowing them and help them more to come closer to our Father in Heaven.
            Office works is still Good and happy. I love my wo-office missionaries "The Petersens" that love us and we love them

I think this for the week and I love you all. Email me sometime, Take Care Always

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