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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Hotdog Party and a Crazy Transfer Week

   This week we have a "Hotdog Party at the Tye's House a.k.a Mission Home in celebration of our Zone's success. We had Hotdog covered with ham (yum!), Jello, Fruit Salad and Chips!!!  We also have CLS test passers in our Zone so we really need to celebrate, We are proud of them. After the lunch we watch a movie titled "Big Hero 6" it's a nice movie it give me movie hang over though yep haha I felt like I didn't watch a movie for so long time hahaha 3 go home last wednesday we will miss them
                  It is a crazy week too because of transfers they're alot of missionaries going home and alot of missionaries coming in. Our apartment had been crowded for 2 days and they leave it dirty!! so we clean it up. And on transfer day its a busy day, we orient the new missionaries about supplies and finance and I gave supplies that they need for their training and stuff. There is one missionary from Tarlac wohooo Tarlaceñoes!!! They are 20 of them and we can't orient them in the same time so, we had like station where they will be schooled and rotate every 30 mins and yeah We repeat our orientation for 4times isn't that crazy and I need to speak in English.
               And yeah about our area, We haven't work that much this week because we have alot of stuff to do and Elder Erickson bid his farewell to members in the area yeah he got transferred to Bulihan he is now a Zone Leader. We will be audited this month so its crazy too. But even though we are so busy this week we still manage to go to some of our investigators, we went to Roy, Michelle and Domanog Kids. Roy is fine but he still don't read Book of Mormon though but he committed again so hopefully he will do it this time. Michelle it is a good lesson I don't know if she is joking or not she said she is pregnant hopefully not, She rejects us before but know she will do it now that she will progress. Domanog kids is my super spiritual experience this week even though they are kid ages 9-10 they have that desire for the Gospel too bad their parents don't want them to come, we are praying that the Lord will touch the hearts of their parents that they will listen to us too and see the changes in their kids, If not, I know not in our time but they will be baptism and we know we did our job to plant in their hearts the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 
                 I love this work and I know that it is true.  

Elder Lorenzo
Office Supply Secretary
Philippines Cavite Mission
Suits and Ties(with their name on it) of Missionaries that went home

Mission Home's Living Room

Mission Home

CLS Passers

Kitchen Treats


Dining Table

Transfer Lunch

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