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Friday, December 19, 2014


Elder Dela Cruz my MTC Compaion and Elder Pobuayon

Thailand Missionaries

Whole bunch of Missionaries


Sister Balota, She serve in our ward

Temple Day!!

Polpot District

Christmas Night Picture at the Temple

Elder Chao my Cambodian Friend

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Phil. Cavite Mission

           Hey Guys!! Finally finaallyy my My Mission Call had arrived, I had waited 2 months, I've been called to serve in Philippines Cavite Mission for 24 months, I will report in Philippines Manila MTC in December 19, 2014. I am happy for my call. I would like to share to you a short story before I had received my mission call.
          As you can see in my last blogs I've serve in Quezon Group as a Short-term Missionary. While I am serving in Quezon Group I thought that my mission call had arrived in our Stake then, few days before I will go home from one and half month of service as short-term missionary I'd heard that my mission call didn't arrived yet. I got worried, because what if my application had return and I need to fix it and I need to wait another month. So, I asked permission to call my Church Leaders. They told me that my call didn't arrived yet but, as they can see in there LDS Account I have been assigned and my call will be send soon. When I got home from my service, a mission call had arrived I thought it was mine but it is not, it is for another Stake and the Area mislead the letter and so my letter is mislead too. But I know I need to be more patient and trust God, our Stake President, Ismael Imperial gave me comforting words he said, "God will call His servants in the right time". November 13, 2014 after our Mission Preparation Class, our Stake President said "before we close I have an announcement" then he open his bag and slowly he withdraw an envelope and he stated, "This is for Elder Xcyl Ruiz Lorenzo, Congratulations", I was shocked! and stunned! in that moment I don't know what to say, I am just smiling and happy. When I am receiving the letter, my hands are shaking and the moment the letter and my hands touch each other I felt a sudden jolt, I am nervous!
         I am happy walking going to our home with my letter that I am holding with my two sweaty hands. When I'd arrived home I announce with a loud voice, "I have received my Mission Call!!". I call all of my family, cousins and friends to open my Mission Call in front of them. I are all happy, We are all happy!
        I want to express my gratitude for all the people who made this things happen! my churchmates, church leaders and friends. Without you I am not in this situation right now, THANK YOU SO MUCH. I promise I will do my best and I wont let your efforts be vain. Keep in touch guys and I love you! 

Short-term Mission

  I'd served as a short-term missionary in Quezon Group under Cabanatuan Stake. My companion is Elder Magallanes, he is from Australia, pure blooded Filipino but Australian born. I had a great experience as a short term missionary, one of these is having a privilege to help the people here in Quezon Group by nourishing them, strengthening them, fortifying them in the Gospel of Jesus Christ for there near future.
          I've learned that missionary life is not that easy! If there is ups there is always downs, I'd miss my family and friends so much and there are a lot of rejections. But I learned to love the people in Quezon Group, I treated them as my family and I know I build relation to these people, I love them and I feel there love for me, the love that lessen my homesickness and gives me motivation, courage and will to help them more and more. Even though, I'm always tired, ALWAYS! I am satisfied, I am happy and I feel that Heavenly Father tells me "Good job son".
          After those unsettled emotions, all the hard work had been paid off, I got 4 baptisms! and a lot of less active return!! It is really happy to bring souls to the Kingdom of God, that's why I love missionary work. There's a lot of things that I can use to my Full-time Missionary Service and my future when I've return to the real life. 
          I would like to give my gratitude to my mission president, President Clark and his wife Sister Clark, to my companion, Elder Magallanes who teach all of his techniques in missionary work, to my housemates, Elder Tebau and Elder Barret, who welcome me and treat as there sibling, to my zonemates for the fun and enjoyments, to our Church Leaders Bishop Ramones, Bro Richard "the RM" Manucot and Bro Jerson Francisco. To Laus family, Sis Herlene, Harry and Harold who loves me especially Harry who always talk to me about DOTA. To Manucot family, Bro Richard, his wife and there adorable children, Prince, CJ, Charlyn and Charmaine who feed us and loves us. To Javier Clan(Javier, Fernando, Pajarillo, Baluto, Angra) who loves me and who play with me namely Kuya Alex, Vall, Alona, Jennica, Janeth, Joshua, Joy, Judy, Kaye, Marky, Aljon, Krisel, Rosalyn, Katrina, Karla, Ariana, Dina, Carmen, John Lloyd, Julius, Ariel, Erik, Isabel and Joseph. To Francisco Family, Jerson, Newela, Lea and Nanay who feed us with the amazing full course dinner and who loves us missionaries. To Acosta Family who feed us ilocano foods that reminds me of my home. To Sis Beth, Tamallana Family. To my Investigators who will be baptize, Cristina Lamson, Paguibitan family, Apostol Family and Agustin Family. Thanks for the LOVE and Help that you offer to me and to my companion. You will always be in my heart and prayers. I LOVE YOU and TILL WE MEET AGAIN      


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Good to Better to Best

Youth's Groupie
 Are you satisfied on what you are right now? Haven't you thought that you can be better than before?
There many things that I thought it was there best but, when time flies everything has change for the better. In my preparation these are the things that has change extremely.

First, the youth organization in our ward. At first we only have 5 active young men and 8 active young women but, now we are now averaging 20 attending young men and 15 attending young women. Those were great numbers to increase!! In addition there are more investigators and yet to come to add those numbers but, I just want to inform you that we aren't dealing with numbers we're just happy for the increase 
Second, my friends which I have mention in my last blogs. They are now telling me that they have change for good, they are not drinking cafe and tea anymore, they have better choices in everything especially there priorities and they are have better plans for the future.
Third, Bro Simon he don't have a desire to go on a mission but now he have! and he is now a better son and brother in his family
Lastly, Me!! of course I have been change for good, Do you wanna know what is the cause of these results? It is because of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. We do believe that when we live the Gospel of Jesus Christ the mighty change of our heart starts. Do you think you are in your very best? try to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Read and ponder the Book of Mormon, pray always and to church every Sunday, of course in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, You will be better in every aspect I promise! That is one of the reason why I am going on a mission, to help others to become better and be their best! and help them to return in our Heavenly Father's kingdom ^^ 

Oh Me!
And one friendly advice! Always put in your mind that you still have alot of space to improve. Seek and have a desire to be the best every time. And remember that worldly things cannot make you best but, through the Gospel of Jesus Christ we can reach the highest. We have potential to be God like Jesus Christ. In 3 Nephi 27:27 Jesus Christ said "..what manner of men ought ye to be? Verily I say unto you, even as I am."

Sorry guys no stories for today. I would like to thank everyone who always read my blogs.Keep reading and I'll try my best to blog more great blogs.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My Sister's Approval

I have 3 siblings 2girls and 1 boy. And I am really close to my youngest sister her name is Zyneah Leigh. She is turning 5 this October and she is so jolly, energitic and talkative hahaha. I love her so much and the others too, I love my family <3. Okay the story begins with a conversation:

Me and my sister Zyneah
One day while I am thinking about what are the things I gonna miss when I go to my mission, my sister go to my room and ask me to buy some food because she is hungry :3, so we bought food and then eat while we are eating I remembered that I haven't tell her about leaving and going on a mission. So told her "Baby, pupunta si kuya sa mission gusto mo?" and she replied "Ayaw ko" and I ask why? she said "Gusto ko may kuya ako ayaw kong aalis ka" and I replied "Meron naman si kuya Xyrus at si ate Aila" and she replied "Gusto ko ikaw, ikaw yung love ko", my heart aches and I don't know what to say but I finally said "2 years lang yun baby at gusto ni Jesus yun, dalawang birthday mo lang yun tapos andito na ako ulit", and then she replied "Sige, basta bibilhan mo ako ng pasalubong", she smiled. I hug her tight, Oh men I gonna miss this kid, I will miss her hugs, her kisses, her compliment and comments about my clothes and her habit that telling me that I am handsome, I LOVE HER SO MUCH =D this is one of the things that I will miss.

My Sister and there Nutrtion Month activity
This past week, we celebrated Nutrition Month =D I had alot of fun first we attended San Vicente Elementary School's Program, my lil sister's school. They had a contest they will color some pictures of fruits and veggies, the most attractive color wins. Even though my sister loses it fine she did her best and it is funny that the color of her guavas is orange and then, they sang "Bahay Kubo". After that we attended Padapada High School's Nutrition Month Celebration. It is fun I enjoyed the dance numbers and the pageant =D.

Me at the Padapada High School
Last Saturday we had new young men, Mark and Michael they were so attentive and funny =D even though they were still adjusting with the new environment we had many memories with them and the youth. We are now preparing in our choir festival, we will sing "Did you think to pray - tagalog version" and "Habang may buhay". Hope we will win and that is next week :). This Saturday is Semenarian's Super Saturday =D Im so exciting, GOOD LUCK GUYS, Im rooting for our Ward.

Oh its hard to wait for my call, there are many thoughts about what will gonna happen in my mission, it is even harder than applying XD  but its all worth it I know Heavenly Father knew what is the best and right for me. I would like to share to you my favorite quote "God has His time table never too late, never too early, He has His perfect timing but, you need alot of patience and alot of faith". Thanks for reading guys God bless you

Me and my Sister Aila
My Sister Zyneah and her crush Chris Dave
Me and my sister Zyneah
San Vicente Elementary School's Students

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Saved Friends

I'd saved the souls of my friends. Its all started my a simple invitation!! This how the story started.

Family Home Evening at the Domingo's Residence

When my parents let me go on a mission I was 17 back then, I have a thought that I will go to other places to teach and impart other people the gospel of Jesus Christ while I didn't put time to  my friends/cousins to help them to live the gospel that I am living and what I'm going to share when I go to my mission. Back then I have 2 less active friends their names were Donnard(16) and Jeric(14) so I tried to invite them to go to church, they always telling me that they're shy. But I didn't gave up!! Consistency is the key of success in missionary work. Until its time to Stake Youth Conference (SYC) and I knew in my heart and soul that is my chance or maybe my last chance before I will go to my mission to invite them and plant in there heart the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I still have 1month to convince them to join SYC, just like I said consistency plus prayers, everytime we meet I always invite them to join in SYC but, I always got rejected hehehe but that didn't put my courage down, in the whole 1 month I always have a daily routine that talk to them and invite them. Until the last day of registration for SYC, it was Sunday in that time, thank God they did went to church, my heart run in excitement I still have chance my very last chance, with the other youth and the youth leaders we invite them we started telling them stories about last year's SYC until they were convinced!!! they will join the SYC. OH MY GOODNESS!! I actually did it!! I help them signed there waivers to their parents even thou, we have little problem about Donnard's big brother it turns out okay because his mother want him to go. I was all set and done! we went to SYC at Raven Resort and Log Cabin at Abucay, Bataan we enjoyed and most especially THEY enjoyed!! at the end of the conference those two give me thanks my heart is filled with joy and that not the end of it they build there testimonies in that conference plus the desire to go on a mission, those words make me wanna cry!! when we got home they were so excited to tell their experience to our non member friends and cousins and you know what? our friends were interested. So we referred them to the missionaries. They are Juvan(17), Jamelle(16) and Mico(15). We always make sure that they will attend all the activities and they're always present every Sunday. With the help of Sis Sambajon and Sis Tekaai, a month later we got Juvan baptized and a few weeks later it was Jamelle's baptism, I am so happy very very!! while Mico haven't work out fine because his guardians don't him be baptized even thou it's sad  its fine I think it isn't the right time for him. And it is not the end of it. Jamelle's and Jeric's siblings had been taught by the missionaries Sis Tianday and Sis Dalley. their names were Jericho(12), Kayla(9) (Jamelle's siblings), Chriz Ian(11) and Justin(13) (Jeric's siblings). Last month I had the opportunity to baptized Chriz Ian and that leads to his family to be reactivated, And this month Jericho had been baptist. Next month Kayla and Justin have there BGD or Baptismal Goal Date.
Juvan, Donnard, Jamelle and I
Getting Ready for Sacrament
I am very very happy that I did invite them to SYC. that is where everything started, because of that simple but long invitation we are now living the same faith and Gospel right now. Now I will testify to you that I know this is the Lord's work! Now Juvan, Donnard, Jeric, Jamelle and Jericho received their Aaronic Priesthood and they are always telling me that they have a desire to go on a mission like i do. There is no greater happiness in this world what I am feeling right now! happiness that will last eternally. Now I challenge you to be a blessing to your community, the origin where the spreading of Gospel will be started. One soul can lead to many souls saved, it is like a virus it will mutiply.
Bro Xcyl Ruiz Lorenzo
Juvan, Jamelle, Jeric and Donnard
Donnard, Macmac, Jamelle, I and Jeicho
Its was Jericho's Baptism

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Before I prepare my mission application

Before I prepare my mission application this is what happens

My Eternal Family
My Mom and Dad don't want me to go on a mission at the age of 18 they want me to finish first my study before going on a mission. And that is against my will!! I want really to go on a mission as early as possible. I really had a plan to finish my study first, my mission don't need to sacrifice my studies because I went to school at the early age and I am accelerated  but that was before when the missionary age is 19 for boys and 21 for girls but when President Monson received a revelation  and announced that the age of missionary is 18 for boys and 19 for girls I knew I had to go at the age of 18 and feel it in my heart and I know the Holy Ghost is telling me that this is what the Lord want me to do! So I decided to go on a mission at the age of 18 I was 16 back then, My parents and I talk about it but they don't agree about my new plans in life but, I really wanna go! So I talked to our bishop and he said that have faith, pray and fast the Lord will touch the heart of your parents so that is what I did then, we had a lesson about patriarchal blessings they said that it will help me to decide, and then I received my patriarchal blessing, it gave firm to my decision. Every Sunday or even thrice a week I talk to my parents to convince them but they always disagree. Do you thinks that will change my will? NO! a BIG NO!! I didn't lose faith and hope that they will suddenly agree to my plans! So I fast and pray, fast and pray, fast and pray consistently. It was December back then and I continually fast and pray and I am 17, I will turn 18 in July still my parents don't want me to go at the age of 18. Until I thought about going on a mission without telling them. I talked about it with our bishop he almost disagree but he said if you insist then let see what can we do. Until then my fellow members especially Relief Society is convincing my Mom to let me go on a mission and I caught a lot of time bishop is talking with my Mom and sometimes Dad. And then one Sunday evening when I got home from missionary work my parents want to talk to me, they ask me "Do you really want to go on a mission?" I answer "YES! very!" and they said "Okay" my eyes burst in tears and hug them, my heart is filled with joy and happiness and my mind run of thoughts and excitements. I was blessed! answered prayers! I know the Lord will not let me down, He always find ways to help his children to do His commandments.