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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Before I prepare my mission application

Before I prepare my mission application this is what happens

My Eternal Family
My Mom and Dad don't want me to go on a mission at the age of 18 they want me to finish first my study before going on a mission. And that is against my will!! I want really to go on a mission as early as possible. I really had a plan to finish my study first, my mission don't need to sacrifice my studies because I went to school at the early age and I am accelerated  but that was before when the missionary age is 19 for boys and 21 for girls but when President Monson received a revelation  and announced that the age of missionary is 18 for boys and 19 for girls I knew I had to go at the age of 18 and feel it in my heart and I know the Holy Ghost is telling me that this is what the Lord want me to do! So I decided to go on a mission at the age of 18 I was 16 back then, My parents and I talk about it but they don't agree about my new plans in life but, I really wanna go! So I talked to our bishop and he said that have faith, pray and fast the Lord will touch the heart of your parents so that is what I did then, we had a lesson about patriarchal blessings they said that it will help me to decide, and then I received my patriarchal blessing, it gave firm to my decision. Every Sunday or even thrice a week I talk to my parents to convince them but they always disagree. Do you thinks that will change my will? NO! a BIG NO!! I didn't lose faith and hope that they will suddenly agree to my plans! So I fast and pray, fast and pray, fast and pray consistently. It was December back then and I continually fast and pray and I am 17, I will turn 18 in July still my parents don't want me to go at the age of 18. Until I thought about going on a mission without telling them. I talked about it with our bishop he almost disagree but he said if you insist then let see what can we do. Until then my fellow members especially Relief Society is convincing my Mom to let me go on a mission and I caught a lot of time bishop is talking with my Mom and sometimes Dad. And then one Sunday evening when I got home from missionary work my parents want to talk to me, they ask me "Do you really want to go on a mission?" I answer "YES! very!" and they said "Okay" my eyes burst in tears and hug them, my heart is filled with joy and happiness and my mind run of thoughts and excitements. I was blessed! answered prayers! I know the Lord will not let me down, He always find ways to help his children to do His commandments.

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