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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I gave my mission papers to our bishop

Okay! Yesterday I gave my mission papers to our Bishop, Bishop Michael Eugenio and i don't know my feelings. First, excited because I'm almost there just a few more procedure and i will become a full-time missionary. Second, NERVOUS because I don't know if I've prepared enough and am I ready to become an Elder? this thing don't let me sleep well at night and I always dreaming about the possibilities in my mission I dreamed that I will serve in Davao Mission and even in China, I'm soooo nervous about the thing that I need to learn how to speak in Mandarin. But all I know is I want to be a missionary, the church help me to prepare from primary till this time, I've been prepared by the Lord to do His work I was born to be a missionary and I've been preserved to this perilous time to serve Him and fight against Satan and his servants, the Lord expects me to BE GREAT. I am now waiting for the next step and I will get my self ready, more ready, to be 110 % or even 200 % ready for my mission. I am thankful first to the Lord for answering my prayers and always guiding me in every decisions and procedure in my mission second, my family for the love, supporting me, to make my mission possible and financially third, my friends to keep my self esteem high and giving me courage. Thanks for everything!

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