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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Saved Friends

I'd saved the souls of my friends. Its all started my a simple invitation!! This how the story started.

Family Home Evening at the Domingo's Residence

When my parents let me go on a mission I was 17 back then, I have a thought that I will go to other places to teach and impart other people the gospel of Jesus Christ while I didn't put time to  my friends/cousins to help them to live the gospel that I am living and what I'm going to share when I go to my mission. Back then I have 2 less active friends their names were Donnard(16) and Jeric(14) so I tried to invite them to go to church, they always telling me that they're shy. But I didn't gave up!! Consistency is the key of success in missionary work. Until its time to Stake Youth Conference (SYC) and I knew in my heart and soul that is my chance or maybe my last chance before I will go to my mission to invite them and plant in there heart the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I still have 1month to convince them to join SYC, just like I said consistency plus prayers, everytime we meet I always invite them to join in SYC but, I always got rejected hehehe but that didn't put my courage down, in the whole 1 month I always have a daily routine that talk to them and invite them. Until the last day of registration for SYC, it was Sunday in that time, thank God they did went to church, my heart run in excitement I still have chance my very last chance, with the other youth and the youth leaders we invite them we started telling them stories about last year's SYC until they were convinced!!! they will join the SYC. OH MY GOODNESS!! I actually did it!! I help them signed there waivers to their parents even thou, we have little problem about Donnard's big brother it turns out okay because his mother want him to go. I was all set and done! we went to SYC at Raven Resort and Log Cabin at Abucay, Bataan we enjoyed and most especially THEY enjoyed!! at the end of the conference those two give me thanks my heart is filled with joy and that not the end of it they build there testimonies in that conference plus the desire to go on a mission, those words make me wanna cry!! when we got home they were so excited to tell their experience to our non member friends and cousins and you know what? our friends were interested. So we referred them to the missionaries. They are Juvan(17), Jamelle(16) and Mico(15). We always make sure that they will attend all the activities and they're always present every Sunday. With the help of Sis Sambajon and Sis Tekaai, a month later we got Juvan baptized and a few weeks later it was Jamelle's baptism, I am so happy very very!! while Mico haven't work out fine because his guardians don't him be baptized even thou it's sad  its fine I think it isn't the right time for him. And it is not the end of it. Jamelle's and Jeric's siblings had been taught by the missionaries Sis Tianday and Sis Dalley. their names were Jericho(12), Kayla(9) (Jamelle's siblings), Chriz Ian(11) and Justin(13) (Jeric's siblings). Last month I had the opportunity to baptized Chriz Ian and that leads to his family to be reactivated, And this month Jericho had been baptist. Next month Kayla and Justin have there BGD or Baptismal Goal Date.
Juvan, Donnard, Jamelle and I
Getting Ready for Sacrament
I am very very happy that I did invite them to SYC. that is where everything started, because of that simple but long invitation we are now living the same faith and Gospel right now. Now I will testify to you that I know this is the Lord's work! Now Juvan, Donnard, Jeric, Jamelle and Jericho received their Aaronic Priesthood and they are always telling me that they have a desire to go on a mission like i do. There is no greater happiness in this world what I am feeling right now! happiness that will last eternally. Now I challenge you to be a blessing to your community, the origin where the spreading of Gospel will be started. One soul can lead to many souls saved, it is like a virus it will mutiply.
Bro Xcyl Ruiz Lorenzo
Juvan, Jamelle, Jeric and Donnard
Donnard, Macmac, Jamelle, I and Jeicho
Its was Jericho's Baptism

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