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Friday, July 24, 2015

Exchanges to Daang Hari

    This week I had a chance to work in Daang Hari Area with Elder Gaspar. Daang Hari is a walking area, we need to walk all the time and their area is HUGE. I also had a chance to know the members in the their ward and their leaders. I had a great time with them. In their area there are some cool graffiti so we decide to take pictures and I decided to collect pictures of graffiti in the areas that I will go. 
               This week is a great week in our area too. We have a goal date for Roy and Brother Anton(the artist), for brother Anton we know he needs time to progress but we are happy for his desires and his example for us. I know that the Lord is preparing him for something. I am praying hard for him. We also found a family and they said they will go to church tomorrow Hopefully they will do it. 
                 This week is a busy in the office I am excited though for the transfers next week, they are 20 missionaries coming in. Next week will be a busy week to because of the transfers and next next will be busy to because of MLC hehehe. But I am so excited for the next transfer hopefully me and my companion will harvest the fruits of our labors in the area.
                  Guess what our ZOne won the cleanest apartments this month!!!

Elder Gaspar

House of our Last Appointment in Daang Hari

Pogi ako 

Yeah Yeah

Lorenzo times 2

Cleanest Apartment in the Mission

Friday, July 17, 2015

In some point, Wrong Person will lead you to the Right Person

           This week I learn this wonderful lesson in my mission. Sometime the person that we meet is not the person that the Lord prepares for us, even though the Lord wants us to teach them, but that person is the right person that will lead us to those who are prepared to received the Gospel. Almost half of our investigators that we are focusing right now are found by that process. One of them is the painter guy, Brother Anton first we found his son that had been taught by the missionaries before and when we got back he is not there and not said that not interested anymore but the person who talked to us is his father who is the painter guy and we invite him to listen and he accepted it and now he is reading the Book of Mormon and he is very very interested to our message.
             Another one is one of our investigators son, We know that the Mom is not interested but her daughter really want to listen but she is too young to decide and, one time we went there and the Mom said she is busy or something then her son is outside and we invite him to listen to us and it was a really good lesson. I really love being the Lord's hand in His work. 
            This week Munoz and Ibgan family have a surprise post birthday celebration last Saturday after our preparation day. I am so happy that I am being loved in my area. They prepare a cake, bunurong kamatis w/ salted egg and Bicol Express. I love them and I am grateful to be part of their life and my life
            By the way Roy is back!!!! Wootwoot!!! 

Cake Eaters

No Comment

Cake for me!!

With the Ibgan Twins

Slicing the Cake

Ibgan Twins and Munoz Siblings


Elder Ramos from Cabanatuan

Selfie -_-

Friday, July 10, 2015

Aguinaldo Shrine Visit

                   This week we visit Aguinaldo Shrine for our companionship activity!! I really love the place, the history behind the house and the artifacts in the museum. Me and my companions enjoyed the trip!! We went to the highest part of the house which is the "WATCHTOWER" we are amaze by the view and the story of that house. I am grateful that we have a tour guide that volunteered to know those wonderful things. 
               Me and my companions in our area, focus on finding people this week and find those people that Heavenly Father prepares for us, I am really grateful and happy to meet a lot of people with different attitude and how they react when we start talking to them. But the most precious moment that happen is when we found those people that are prepared, being an instrument of the Lord is a privilege to help them answer the question to their souls and help them receive the restored Gospel help their family to be together again.

Philippine Flag

Watch Tower

Watch Tower

Watch Tower

Watch Tower

Aguinaldo's Balcony

Picture with our great Tour Guide

Aguinaldo's Tomb

Aguinaldo Shrine's Back View

Our Artist investigator with his painting

Friday, July 3, 2015

19th Birthday and Mission's 2nd Birthday

     This week is my Birthday week and Mission's Birthday too in the same day. It's that wonderful I'm born for this mission. And the mission celebrates my birthday and the mission birthday by having an activity called "Coke and a Poke" which means we will have Coke and Cakes plus a syringe!! yep a syringe what a nice gift for me ^^ This week I and 2 of my Kabahays(Elder Morales and Espiritu) had a flu so that syringe came late huh? hehehe I couldn't work for 2 days, Elder and Sister Petersen took care of us when we are sick and the "Nyquil" did the job to make us feel better. It is fun though that the whole mission watch "Meet the Mormons" while waiting for the shot. And nice to see my batchmates and friends in the mission. I really miss them so much. I have new friends too ^^ being in the office made me well known in the mission hehehe. 
               This week we also found an amazing guy who really seeking the truth and he is an artist. He said he will read the Book of Mormon and see if it is true or not. We really meet a lot of wonderful people this week and I really have fun with my companions we have different nationalities but we are working together in the Lord's work by being an instrument to bless the lives of others. I really miss you guys, take care always and remember that you are always in my prayers.

Elder Lorenzo
Office Supply Secretary
Philippines Cavite Mission