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Friday, July 3, 2015

19th Birthday and Mission's 2nd Birthday

     This week is my Birthday week and Mission's Birthday too in the same day. It's that wonderful I'm born for this mission. And the mission celebrates my birthday and the mission birthday by having an activity called "Coke and a Poke" which means we will have Coke and Cakes plus a syringe!! yep a syringe what a nice gift for me ^^ This week I and 2 of my Kabahays(Elder Morales and Espiritu) had a flu so that syringe came late huh? hehehe I couldn't work for 2 days, Elder and Sister Petersen took care of us when we are sick and the "Nyquil" did the job to make us feel better. It is fun though that the whole mission watch "Meet the Mormons" while waiting for the shot. And nice to see my batchmates and friends in the mission. I really miss them so much. I have new friends too ^^ being in the office made me well known in the mission hehehe. 
               This week we also found an amazing guy who really seeking the truth and he is an artist. He said he will read the Book of Mormon and see if it is true or not. We really meet a lot of wonderful people this week and I really have fun with my companions we have different nationalities but we are working together in the Lord's work by being an instrument to bless the lives of others. I really miss you guys, take care always and remember that you are always in my prayers.

Elder Lorenzo
Office Supply Secretary
Philippines Cavite Mission

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