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Friday, July 24, 2015

Exchanges to Daang Hari

    This week I had a chance to work in Daang Hari Area with Elder Gaspar. Daang Hari is a walking area, we need to walk all the time and their area is HUGE. I also had a chance to know the members in the their ward and their leaders. I had a great time with them. In their area there are some cool graffiti so we decide to take pictures and I decided to collect pictures of graffiti in the areas that I will go. 
               This week is a great week in our area too. We have a goal date for Roy and Brother Anton(the artist), for brother Anton we know he needs time to progress but we are happy for his desires and his example for us. I know that the Lord is preparing him for something. I am praying hard for him. We also found a family and they said they will go to church tomorrow Hopefully they will do it. 
                 This week is a busy in the office I am excited though for the transfers next week, they are 20 missionaries coming in. Next week will be a busy week to because of the transfers and next next will be busy to because of MLC hehehe. But I am so excited for the next transfer hopefully me and my companion will harvest the fruits of our labors in the area.
                  Guess what our ZOne won the cleanest apartments this month!!!

Elder Gaspar

House of our Last Appointment in Daang Hari

Pogi ako 

Yeah Yeah

Lorenzo times 2

Cleanest Apartment in the Mission

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