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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Phil. Cavite Mission

           Hey Guys!! Finally finaallyy my My Mission Call had arrived, I had waited 2 months, I've been called to serve in Philippines Cavite Mission for 24 months, I will report in Philippines Manila MTC in December 19, 2014. I am happy for my call. I would like to share to you a short story before I had received my mission call.
          As you can see in my last blogs I've serve in Quezon Group as a Short-term Missionary. While I am serving in Quezon Group I thought that my mission call had arrived in our Stake then, few days before I will go home from one and half month of service as short-term missionary I'd heard that my mission call didn't arrived yet. I got worried, because what if my application had return and I need to fix it and I need to wait another month. So, I asked permission to call my Church Leaders. They told me that my call didn't arrived yet but, as they can see in there LDS Account I have been assigned and my call will be send soon. When I got home from my service, a mission call had arrived I thought it was mine but it is not, it is for another Stake and the Area mislead the letter and so my letter is mislead too. But I know I need to be more patient and trust God, our Stake President, Ismael Imperial gave me comforting words he said, "God will call His servants in the right time". November 13, 2014 after our Mission Preparation Class, our Stake President said "before we close I have an announcement" then he open his bag and slowly he withdraw an envelope and he stated, "This is for Elder Xcyl Ruiz Lorenzo, Congratulations", I was shocked! and stunned! in that moment I don't know what to say, I am just smiling and happy. When I am receiving the letter, my hands are shaking and the moment the letter and my hands touch each other I felt a sudden jolt, I am nervous!
         I am happy walking going to our home with my letter that I am holding with my two sweaty hands. When I'd arrived home I announce with a loud voice, "I have received my Mission Call!!". I call all of my family, cousins and friends to open my Mission Call in front of them. I are all happy, We are all happy!
        I want to express my gratitude for all the people who made this things happen! my churchmates, church leaders and friends. Without you I am not in this situation right now, THANK YOU SO MUCH. I promise I will do my best and I wont let your efforts be vain. Keep in touch guys and I love you! 

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