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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Short-term Mission

  I'd served as a short-term missionary in Quezon Group under Cabanatuan Stake. My companion is Elder Magallanes, he is from Australia, pure blooded Filipino but Australian born. I had a great experience as a short term missionary, one of these is having a privilege to help the people here in Quezon Group by nourishing them, strengthening them, fortifying them in the Gospel of Jesus Christ for there near future.
          I've learned that missionary life is not that easy! If there is ups there is always downs, I'd miss my family and friends so much and there are a lot of rejections. But I learned to love the people in Quezon Group, I treated them as my family and I know I build relation to these people, I love them and I feel there love for me, the love that lessen my homesickness and gives me motivation, courage and will to help them more and more. Even though, I'm always tired, ALWAYS! I am satisfied, I am happy and I feel that Heavenly Father tells me "Good job son".
          After those unsettled emotions, all the hard work had been paid off, I got 4 baptisms! and a lot of less active return!! It is really happy to bring souls to the Kingdom of God, that's why I love missionary work. There's a lot of things that I can use to my Full-time Missionary Service and my future when I've return to the real life. 
          I would like to give my gratitude to my mission president, President Clark and his wife Sister Clark, to my companion, Elder Magallanes who teach all of his techniques in missionary work, to my housemates, Elder Tebau and Elder Barret, who welcome me and treat as there sibling, to my zonemates for the fun and enjoyments, to our Church Leaders Bishop Ramones, Bro Richard "the RM" Manucot and Bro Jerson Francisco. To Laus family, Sis Herlene, Harry and Harold who loves me especially Harry who always talk to me about DOTA. To Manucot family, Bro Richard, his wife and there adorable children, Prince, CJ, Charlyn and Charmaine who feed us and loves us. To Javier Clan(Javier, Fernando, Pajarillo, Baluto, Angra) who loves me and who play with me namely Kuya Alex, Vall, Alona, Jennica, Janeth, Joshua, Joy, Judy, Kaye, Marky, Aljon, Krisel, Rosalyn, Katrina, Karla, Ariana, Dina, Carmen, John Lloyd, Julius, Ariel, Erik, Isabel and Joseph. To Francisco Family, Jerson, Newela, Lea and Nanay who feed us with the amazing full course dinner and who loves us missionaries. To Acosta Family who feed us ilocano foods that reminds me of my home. To Sis Beth, Tamallana Family. To my Investigators who will be baptize, Cristina Lamson, Paguibitan family, Apostol Family and Agustin Family. Thanks for the LOVE and Help that you offer to me and to my companion. You will always be in my heart and prayers. I LOVE YOU and TILL WE MEET AGAIN      


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